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Balance - Harmony - Wisdom - Power

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Our day to day health and wellness is ultimately our own responsibility.  It evolves, dynamically, in direct relation and correspondence to our choices.  

What we choose to eat and drink, where we choose to focus our attention, what we choose to think about.  These all have profound impacts on what we call our health and sense of personal well-being.

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Vitality is Life

Balance, Harmony, Wisdom, Power 

These four words seek to describe a hierarchical process of realignment.  

This implies an ordered progression, step by step, each one must be present before any of the others can fully precipitate.  

All aspects of Life want the energy and power to live, to love, to be free.

But in order for power to sustainably circulate, there must first be balance.

Without balance, the presence of power will serve only to destroy. 


Adaptability is Equal to Wellness

Our ability to adapt to change is a great measurement of our overall health & wellness.


Change can be one of our greatest teachers and a valued ally.  

Yet, adapting to change requires enough energy and vitality to keep the local system balanced throughout the process from uncertainty to clarity, from darkness to light. 


When our local systems get out of balance our general range of adaptability tends to decrease.  From here patterns of compensation develop and range of motions diminish.    

If balance isn't re-instated, the patterns of compensation, being inefficient by nature,  will run the system out of energy - at this point pain becomes the great motivator.


The Power of Wisdom

Wisdom is of the whole.  It is synthetic, completing and relational.

  Knowledge is of the parts.  It discriminates, separates and isolates.

Sometimes knowledge can lead to wisdom when focus on the parts leads to

an inner understanding of the whole.  

Sometimes knowledge can lead away from wisdom when a focus on the parts

confuses and distorts the innate relation to the whole.

Knowledge that leads to wisdom can eventually give rise to power.

Knowledge that leads away from wisdom can only give rise to death.

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