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Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation

Natural Healing, Powerful Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a tradition with thousands of years of history and application.  Very little that happens in our daily health and wellness is outside the purview and understanding of this perspective.  Have a difficult to treat issue?  Join us for a consultation and let us put the work of this ancient perspective into active circulation in your life.  

At the Phoenix Kingdom we have a full Chinese Herbal Pharmacy sourced from the world-class and industry leading research team at Tianjiang Treasures of the East.

Want to read more about where we source our plant based medicines, please visit:

Cost:  $72, 45min.  

All Phoenix Kingdom discounts available.

Discounts do not stack.

Please watch the short video below for more information regarding Chinese Herbal Medicine at the Phoenix Kingdom.

Medicinal Herb
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