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All our health services are open by appointment only.

Mon-Thurs 10-5pm.  

To make an appointment please call us at 512-229-3040 or via email at

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Healing is the search for truth and truth implies a point of view free of distortion, illusion and glamour.  It is in this way that healing often occurs as a de-conditioning process wherein we resolve and let go of the various energies and identities that inhibit and obstruct the evolution of our innate potential. 


~ Zed James

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Phoenix Kingdom Service Fees and Discounts

Acupuncture Treatment - $108, 60-90min. All discounts available, discounts do not stack.  
Pediatric Acupuncture Treatment (age 13 and below). $64, 30min.  
Family discount may be applied.

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation - $72, 45min.  All discounts available, discounts do not stack.  Cost of herbs is extra, discounts do not apply to the cost of herbs and/or products.

Telehealth Consultation - $72, 45min.  All discounts available, discounts do not stack.  

Health & Wellness Astrology Reading - $216, 90min.  No discounts available.

Discounts available (if needed) as of January 2023

Senior discount (age 65 and older) - 10% off

Student discount - 30% off

Family discount (2 or more family members ) 15% off for everyone

Community discount (low-income, financial hardship, etc.) - 41% off

Veterans -25% off

*Package of 5 treatments = 5% off
*Package of 10 treatments (1 treatment is free)= 10% off

*Treatment packages expire within 1 year from initial purchase.  Refunds are prorated at full-price without discount. Packages are fully transferrable within the expiration date.  Packages are for adult services only.  Package discounts do not include herbs or products.